Highly technical, specialized work in the installation, support, optimization, administration and documentation of datacenter components, such as servers, Ethernet switches, racks, UPS, PDUs, Wireless Access Points, routers, KVM switches, firewalls, networking wiring, virtual hosts, virtual machines, storage and backup units, cloud based solutions, network tools and core applications (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, VPN, VoIP, WINS, DFS, GPO, Active-Sync, antivirus, anti-spam), and core systems servers running Exchange, Operation Manager, Configuration Manager, VMware, Hyper-V, data-files, fax, WEB, Proxy, DHCP, DNS, SQL, print services, etc.
Work also involves end-user level III support, which is dedicated to resolve escalated problems from Help Desk and other technicians. This work is highly technical work at the end-user side and involves research, installation, support, documentation and optimization of personal computer hardware and software components, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smart-phones, printers, monitors, scanners, cameras, Windows operational systems, email, antivirus, security settings, PC imaging, PC applications, PC policies and performance, PC virtualization, etc. An employee in this class works under limited supervision, reports to a senior technical manager or network administrator, and may supervise lower level technicians and function as an advisor.

Essential Functions:
Installation and support of physical and virtual servers.
Installation and support of backbone network devices such as: Ethernet switches, wireless controllers, routers, firewalls, etc.
Performs installation and support of other datacenter components such as: racks, UPS, PUDs, KVM, switches and wiring; coordinates and supports solutions and/or applications in the cloud: SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, BaaS, etc; administration of Network tools and applications: network tools, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, VPN, VoIP, WINS, DFS, GPO, Active-Sync, antivirus, anti-spam, WEB, Proxy, UCS, etc.
Administration of core systems and applications: Exchange, 0365, FAX, Antivirus, Active Directory, SQL, SPAM, Firewalls, Operations Manager, Configuration Manager, VMWARE, Hyper-V, Data-File, Clusters, print services, general and application servers, etc.
Independently administers enterprise storage and backup units.
Coordinates, deploys, and supports disaster recovery solutions to guarantee business continuity.
Creates, publishes and maintains documentation of procedures, policies, settings, systems, solutions, etc.
Resolves service requests escalated by the Help Desk or other technicians associated with end-user equipment and software.
Researches new technologies to optimize network and end-user components and contributes to provide systems, services and solutions with high level of security, reliability and efficiency.
Acts as a lead technical advisor to lower level technicians in the resolution of technical problems and in the proper implementation and interpretation of technical procedures.
Supervise the work of lower level technicians and collaborates with peers and other staff..
Communicates problems to management and follows through on each task assigned.
Implements appropriate remedies according to established departmental standards, and recommends to superiors appropriate action/steps to be taken to avoid similar future problems.
Interfaces with programming staff, operations staff, technical staff, and departmental users and customers on all computer and network related issues and problems.
Evaluates and recommends new hardware/software.
Performs other related work as required.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or closely related field;
  • At least one of the following certifications: MCSE (2012/2016), CCNA, CCNP, FPIMPADM, or VCP 6.0/6.5.
  • Considerable two (2) years experience troubleshooting and supporting servers, data storage or network equipment in the most current released version or the immediate predecessor of a Microsoft, Cisco or VMware based environment, utilizing operating systems and products (Examples: Office 2013/2016 Suite, O365, UCS, vSphere, Hyper-V, MS Clustering, et. al.)
  • Additionally, candidates must have considerable two (2) years experience in the following areas: Network Protocols, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, SMS, Microsoft Servers (Proxy, Exchange, O365, SharePoint etc.), Veritas/Symantec/Veeam Backup, UCS Unified Computing, and Wireless Networks..
  • Six (6) months supervisory experience is desirable.
  • A Valid Driver's License from any state (Equivalent to a State of Florida Class E) may be utilized upon application, (See "Documentation Section" below).
  • All certifications must be maintained valid throughout employment in the classification.
  • Equivalent combination of education and experience beyond 60 college credits, and at least two (2) of the following certifications: MCSE (2012/2016), CCNA, CCNP, FPIMPADM or VCP 6.0/6.5. All certifications must be maintained valid throughout employment in the classification.
Applicants selected to fill the position may be subject to undergo and successfully pass a City of Miami Police Department background check depending on the location of the assignment.

Documentation Requirements:
The City of Miami makes an effort to preserve the integrity of your personal data as much as is feasible. Scanning your files separately facilitates this effort. If you fail to scan these documents separately, it will be presumed that you have provided authorization to submit the entire file containing multiple documents to the hiring department as part of your application.
All documents uploaded as part of your application must be added as separate attachments (e.g. Copy of high school diploma = Attachment 1; copy of driver's license = Attachment 2).
Please be sure to attach all required documents to your application each time you apply. Uploaded documents remain in your profile but they will not attach automatically and you will be deemed ineligible without the proper documentation. The following documents are required: (please read carefully):
1. Proof of education. If submitting a diploma, academic major must reflect on its face. If degree major is not stated on the face of the college diploma, unofficial transcripts indicating student's name, school, major and the fact that a degree was conferred must be submitted. If qualifying with sixty (60) credits or more transcripts containing the name of the student, academic institution, area of concentration and total credits earned.

2. Proof of required certifications of the following: MCSE (2012/2016), CCNA, CCNP, FPIMPADM, OR VCP 6.0/6.5.

3. Valid Driver's License from any state (Equivalent to a State of Florida (Class E) may be utilized upon application, however prior to appointment a State of Florida Driver's License (Class E or higher) must be presented to the Department of Human Resources and must be maintained valid throughout employment.

4. Degree Audits are not accepted in lieu of transcripts.

Foreign degrees, certificates or diplomas require transcript evaluations by American colleges, universities, or a NACES approved transcript evaluation service, which determines reciprocity to education in the United States. Translations of education and training obtained outside of the United States are not accepted.

Additionally, applicants must detail any related experience on the application or risk disqualification. Resumes may be attached, however; information must be clearly detailed on the application, as resumes are not accepted or reviewed in lieu of the employment application.

NOTE #1: Please be sure to attach all required documents to your application each time you apply. Uploaded documents remain in your profile but they will not attach automatically and you will be deemed ineligible without proper documentation.
NOTE #2: An application will be deemed ineligible if the required documents are not uploaded and attached to the application form.
City of Miami employee's applications must reflect their current position and detail their work
experience. City of Miami employees must upload and attach all required documentation to their application prior to submission.

Veterans Preference: If claiming Veteran's Preference, all Forms DD-214-"Member 4", must be submitted with the application. In addition to the Form DD-214, applicants who have been awarded combat campaign/expeditionary medals that are not reflected on the Form DD-214 must submit supplemental documents from the Department of Defense that demonstrates possession of a combat/expeditionary medal, if seeking veteran's preference points. For claiming Disabled Veteran's Preference, a letter from Veteran's Affairs or the Department of Defense dated within one year of the closing date is also needed. Letter of disability must state percentage of disability. Veteran's preference points will be awarded in accordance with F.S.S. 295.

Selection Preference for City Residents:
In accordance with APM 2-02, applicants for classified positions who are City of Miami residents and new hires will receive preference in selection from interview ranking bands provided that any two (2) of the following documents are submitted with the application and again at the time of interview:

A. Utility bill dated within 60 days of the date of submission
B. Valid Florida Driver License or State-issued I.D.
C. Property Tax Statement dated within 1 year of the date of submission
D. Properly executed valid lease agreement
E. Homestead Exemption dated within 1 year of the date of submission
F. Motor Vehicle Registration dated within 90 days of the date of submission
G. Official school records or transcripts, dated within 90 days of the date of submission
H. W-2 (or 1099) Tax Form dated within 1 year of the date of submission

Applicants must provide a valid email address in order to receive notification of eligibility. Please be advised that you will not receive this information if a valid email address is not provided.